Welcome Your Attendance! 12 / 21 - 12 / 23, 2023
After a long epidemic, ICEAI will hold its 9th meeting in Tokyo in the winter of 2023. All ICEAI members, committee members and friends who have followed our activities over the years are welcome to participate. I believe that Tokyo, the beautiful place it is, will definitely make this meeting more dazzling.
In recent years, climate change and the greenhouse effect have brought huge and irreversible impacts on human life. Many companies and groups have been thinking about how to build a more earth-friendly living environment, and they have also gradually affected corporate production, animal husbandry, waste emissions, environmental protection and reuse for a series of transformations,
To ensure the sustainable development of environment and society, effective measures are gradually adopted by internationals. Low-Carbonization obviously becomes a global common tendency. Low Carbon Society not only includes the revolution of the society development but also represents the new life styles and concepts. The issue includes multiple directions: Engineering, Transportation, and Energy saving. Furthermore, Architecture and Social Construction are also the topics which we should be attention.
Such diverse and in-depth issues at all levels,require cross-field discussions in order to get new ideas and sparks of thought. Therefore, 2023 ICEAI will hold a cross-border joint meeting with ISESS( )and GCEAS( )for all scholars in different fields can exchange their own research and ideas.
Papers / abstracts in the fields of below areas are welcomed to submit
Low-Carbon Technology, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Information Sciences and all sub-fields related but not limited are welcomed.
Looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo, 2023   Please contact us by
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