2017 @ Kyoto
2017 ICEAI @ Kyoto
The 7th International Congress on Engineering and Information
May 9-11, 2017 Kyoto, Japan

Keynote Speaker
Simona Vasilache
Dept. of Computer Science
Graduate School of Systems and Information
University of Tsukuba, Japan
Topic: Multicultural Perspectives on Software Engineering
Globalization plays a major role in all aspects of our 21st century life, influencing software engineering practice, as well as software engineering education. Software engineering is a relatively young engineering discipline and it is under constant development and evolution; software development teams often include members from various cultural backgrounds. At the same time, the multicultural nature of education proves to be a challenge in all educational aspects, including those related to software engineering .
This talk will highlight some of the challenges posed by multiculturalism in the field of software engineering, both in industry and in academia.

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