Call For Papers
Full paper and abstract both are welcomed to submit. Topics are listed but not restricted to the followings:

Special Session 

"Interdisciplinary Innovations: Exploring Semiconductors, AI, and Sustainability"

This special session theme aims to facilitate cross-disciplinary exchange and collaboration between semiconductors, artificial intelligence (AI), and sustainable technologies. Through this theme, researchers and industry experts can share their achievements, challenges, and best practices in integrating semiconductor technology, AI, and sustainable technologies.


This special session may include (but not limit to) the following subtopics:

1. Applications of Semi conductor Technology in Sustainable Development
2. Applications of Sustainable Technologies in AI and Semiconductor Fields
3. Impact of AI on the Semiconductor Industry

Conference academic topics should be related but not restricted to:

Civil Engineering
 Bridge Engineering
 Geographic Information System
 Coastal Engineering
 Computational Mechanics
Construction Technology
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Engineering Management
Environmental Management
Geological Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering
Monitoring and Control of Structures
Safety Management
Seismic Engineering
Structural Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Surveying Engineering
Transportation and Highway Engineering
Water Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Robotics and Automation
Mechatronics Systems
Sensor Technologies
Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Fluids & Thermal Systems
Dynamic Systems and Control
Dynamics and Mechanical Vibrations
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing
Microsystems Integration
Cooperative Intelligent Systems
Advances for Process Industries
Electrical Engineering
 Advanced Power Semiconductors
 Analogue and Digital Signal Processing
 Distributed Generation and Fuel Cells
 Renewable Energy Systems
 Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
 Electro technologies
 Electromagnetic compatibility
High Voltage and Insulation Technology
 Intelligent control systems
 Materials for Electrotechnics
 Measuring Technology and Instruments
 Nuclear Energy
 Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
 Power Electronics and Power Drives
Chemical and Bio Engineering
Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Biomass & Bioenergy
Bioenvironmental Engineering
Agricultural Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Science and Chemistry Education
Polymer Chemistry
Bio-instrumentation Techniques
Materials Science and Engineering
Advanced Polymer Chemistry
Applied Optics
Crystal Structure
Electronic Ceramic Materials
Energy Materials
Kinetics of Materials
Liquid Alloy Processing
Magnetic Materials
Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Optoelectronic Materials
Physical Ceramics
Powder Metallurgy
Precise Controlled
Sintering Theory
Solidification Processing
Thermodynamics of Materials
Welding Metallurgy
X-ray Diffraction
Industrial Engineering
Quantitative analysis and Optimization
Production Systems and Processes
Operation and Information Systems
Industrial Analysis and Technology Trends
Industrial and service systems engineering
Engineering Statistics
Computer Simulation
Patent Engineering
Applied Linear Programming
Queueing Theory
Linear Algebra
Information Sciences
 Industrial and Systems Engineering
 Computer and Software Engineering
 Design and Manufacturing Engineering
 Data Science and Advanced Analytics
 Big Data Engineering
 High Performance Computing
 Machine Learning
 Cyber Security Issues
 Technologies in ICT Application 
 Information & Communication Technology
 Artificial Intelligence
Environmental Sciences
 Distributed Energy Systems and Buildings
 Advanced Energy Storage Technologies
 Renewable Energy Technologies
 Innovative and Emerging New Technologies
 Solar Collector Technologies
 Solar Thermal Power and Solar Desalination
 PV Cells and System Technologies
 Wind Power Technology
 Biomass and Biogas Technologies
 Geothermal Energy
 Wave and Tidal Power
 Methods of Environmental Analysis
 Environmental Modelling
 Toxicity and Eco Toxicity
 Soil Pollution and Remediation
 Transportation & Mobility
Earth Sciences
 Space Physics and Astrobiology 
 Atmospheric Science 
 Paleoanthropology and Paleoclimatology 
 Teaching and learning in Geosciences
 Petroleum Engineering
 Petroleum Geochemistry
 Geomechanics ,Geotechnics and Geohazards
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